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We work with a qualified engineering team (Solar Specialist) capable of handling 20 new projects per month in the Western Cape and choose to remain specialised in a sector where we can achieve predictable results and a reputation for over delivery at a reasonable investment.


The monthly savings from your solar system can match the monthly instalment on a loan, once settled your energy costs are stabilised for the next 20 years.


Fossil fuel energy costs will double over the next 4-5 years based on socio economic and political factors; your decision to embrace renewable energy is an inevitable one.


Investing in rooftop independent energy is a smart choice. Why continue to invest in a redundant infrastructure when the African sun will do it for free without a political agenda?


Solar energy is clean energy. No pollution and no exploitation of limited natural resources. You can realistically reduce your carbon footprint by 75%.


Not only are you investing in your future, you are adding to the value of your property, in some cases up to double the value of the capital costs.


Your solar system will work year round, irrespective of erratic Eskom supply issues prevalent in our economy. In a failing African state, independence is a necessity.

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The simplest way of engaging photovoltaic independence is with a SACEX Grid Tied Solution. If your home is connected to the local utility this type of system is the most logical choice. When your solar energy system is not producing electricity during the evening’s electricity is drawn from the Eskom grid to make up the shortfall.





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Are you looking for a residential or commercial solar panel system?

Very few companies recommend the inclusion of a solar geyser as a mandatory component. Our philosophy based on 20 years of discovery is “reduction before production” the geyser upgrade at less than 25% of the total investment reduces 50% of load requirement and thus if you are like us (follow the math) you will agree, there is no debate in our philosophy.

The above is subject to site inspection & interview. We reserve the right to decline any project if we feel the expectations are unrealistic.

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All quote estimates are subject to final site audit and may be influenced by technical considerations. SACEX adhere to all related compliance issues in respect to Embedded Energy Generation being used within a consumer’s electricity network whereby the excess may be exported to City of Cape Town Electricity’s distribution network. As policy SACEX specifically size Embedded PV systems to less than 100% of the Customers peak load consumption to avoid feed in. If and where possible a Grid Tied Limiter is installed to avoid potential illegal feed-in and certificate of compliance is issued to verify this fact.

Download the CCT Guidelines for Embedded Generation Here


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